The School Readiness program is designed for early learners returning to preschool, kindergarten or primary school (Grades 1-2). The goal of this program is to provide a continuation of learning over the summer months to help with a successful transition back to school in September. 

Each child will have group and individualized goals in the following areas;

Daily Routines  (arrival, following a schedule, transitions, circle time, toileting, snack, exit)    

Academics (Literacy, numeracy, writing, calendar, independent work tasks)

Communication (Requests, responding to questions, following directions)

Social Skills (Greetings, sharing, turn taking, initiating and responding to conversation, independent and social play)

At the end of the program each family will be provided with a written summary of current goals and strategies to share with their child’s school. All visual supports and materials will also be provided for the child to use in the school setting to support generalization.